Mobility in Motion

Mobility In Motion, Our Wellness Program: 

Post Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain, and Fundamental Health:

Plagued by pain? Restricted by movement? Old sports injury? We can help! 

The Therapeutic Process:

Mobility in Motion

Mobility in Motion focuses on structure, flexibility, biomechanics, and mobilization; a movement-based integrated full-body approach to physical therapy and self-maintenance                                                                             

Time to take control of your body!  

• 10 minutes a day self-maintenance or as prescribed by our specialist.

• Having a more serious pain or injury?  60-90 minutes sessions with our movement specialist are available for more extreme injuries and/or chronic pain. Please inquire about our rates here.


• Before or after workout and/or rest days Mobility in Motion is great for the following reasons: 15970_10100309910758450_582597950_n

• Tissue health and range of motion problems

• Proper body biomechanics and structural redevelopment.

• Improving performance and avoiding injury

• Short and tight muscles                                                                              

• Soft tissue restriction

• Joint capsule restriction

• Motor control problems

• Joint range of motion dysfunction 

• Neural dynamic issues

• Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation


Stage one of health and wellness is bringing the body’s structure back to a balanced and healthy foundation. Through several methods we stimulate the muscular-skeletal system, connective tissues, skeletal and ligaments to return to proper joint alignment and even weight distribution throughout the body. DSC_8024 We use techniques such as Postural–Structural–Biomechanical (PSB), Active Isolated Stretching, Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Re-Education.  The process of changing your structure and movement may involve releasing tight muscles and joints, and retraining your body. 

Together we can give you the support you need to make a change. 

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